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The Wolverton Park Bowls Club - Coronavirus Emergency Arrangements

The Wolverton Park Bowls Club Committee with add all updates and announcements relating to the Coronavirus emergency on this page. 

Posted 7/2/2022



Government guidance on Covid and how these apply to bowls clubs have changes significantly over the closed season period. As we prepare our club for 2022 we continue to assess how we implement Covid controls, in line with government and Bowls England guidance, to best protect our members. This site will be updated with additional information for members and visitors as this becomes available. 


Posted 12/3/2021



Dear Members

We're very hopeful that in 2021 we'll be able to get back onto the green during the season and restart both our internal competitions and events and also fixtures against our friends from other clubs. This is of course subject to Covid guidance and lockdown restrictions and we are closely monitoring updates from both the UK Government and Bowls England.

In the meantime work is well underway on the preparation of the green and also on the planned fixtures for 2021 in the hope we can get going in April and May.  Full details of plans for the season will be added to this site when they are available. 

Posted 22/4/2020



Dear Members

Your Committee have been particularly active over the past 10 days; discussing then implementing a blueprint for a return to bowling. The priority has and is the safety of our members. No pressure should be placed on any member to play or not to play; each and every one of us must be allowed to choose what we want to do and those choices should be respected.


I am pleased to inform members that today (Thursday 21st May) your Committee carried out a trial of the blueprint and furthermore I am absolutely delighted to inform you that as of 2:00 next Tuesday (26th May) the green will be open to members, BUT only under the following conditions. 

  1. The green will be open from 2:00 – 8:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays (to begin with). 

  2. Each session will last for one hour. (2:00-3:00; 3:30-4:30; 5:00-6:00 and 6:30-7:30) It would be appreciated if retired members could leave the last slot for those that work.

  3. A committee member will be present between these hours, to advise; assist; but most importantly to police. 

  4. Two bowlers per rink only (unless from the same household). 

  5. Each bowler will have a mat and a jack.

  6. We will follow the Australian Rules (attached) format (unless you are from the same household).

  7. All mats and jacks will be washed and cleaned between sessions.

  8. Toilets and changing rooms will be open; one person at a time and the rest of the clubhouse is out of bounds, including the Wendy house. Mats and jacks will be on the green when you arrive and trolleys, scoreboards, etc. are NOT to be used.


Nick Cook will run the ‘Booking System’ (go to the 2020 Rink Booking page for full guidance). You will need to book your slot; you cannot just turn up. You cannot go on the green any other time or day. There is NO alternative to these instructions and that applies to us all, without exception!


Should, at any time after playing on the green you have Covid19 symptoms you MUST inform Nick Cook immediately so that he can inform those other members who were on the green with you.


We are asking you to help us, help you and keep you safe whilst enjoying what we all love doing this time of the year. Please buy into it; comply and foremost enjoy your bowling.

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