The Wolverton Park Bowls Club - Coronavirus Emergency Arrangements

The Wolverton Park Bowls Club Committee with add all updates and announcements relating to the Coronavirus emergency on this page. 

Posted 22/4/2020



Dear Members

Your Committee have been particularly active over the past 10 days; discussing then implementing a blueprint for a return to bowling. The priority has and is the safety of our members. No pressure should be placed on any member to play or not to play; each and every one of us must be allowed to choose what we want to do and those choices should be respected.


I am pleased to inform members that today (Thursday 21st May) your Committee carried out a trial of the blueprint and furthermore I am absolutely delighted to inform you that as of 2:00 next Tuesday (26th May) the green will be open to members, BUT only under the following conditions. 

  1. The green will be open from 2:00 – 8:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays (to begin with). 

  2. Each session will last for one hour. (2:00-3:00; 3:30-4:30; 5:00-6:00 and 6:30-7:30) It would be appreciated if retired members could leave the last slot for those that work.

  3. A committee member will be present between these hours, to advise; assist; but most importantly to police. 

  4. Two bowlers per rink only (unless from the same household). 

  5. Each bowler will have a mat and a jack.

  6. We will follow the Australian Rules (attached) format (unless you are from the same household).

  7. All mats and jacks will be washed and cleaned between sessions.

  8. Toilets and changing rooms will be open; one person at a time and the rest of the clubhouse is out of bounds, including the Wendy house. Mats and jacks will be on the green when you arrive and trolleys, scoreboards, etc. are NOT to be used.


Nick Cook will run the ‘Booking System’ (go to the 2020 Rink Booking page for full guidance). You will need to book your slot; you cannot just turn up. You cannot go on the green any other time or day. There is NO alternative to these instructions and that applies to us all, without exception!


Should, at any time after playing on the green you have Covid19 symptoms you MUST inform Nick Cook immediately so that he can inform those other members who were on the green with you.


We are asking you to help us, help you and keep you safe whilst enjoying what we all love doing this time of the year. Please buy into it; comply and foremost enjoy your bowling.

Posted 2/4/2020


Dear Members

First and foremost, I hope that you are well.

On behalf of the committee, I would like to say how disappointed that we are not to be opening the green on 11th April as planned and to see the club closed.

A lot of work has gone on during the closed season, arranging fixtures and preparing the fixture cards, lots of work on the green and a huge effort to prepare for our open day to try to boost membership numbers.

We sincerely hope that we will be able to play at least part of the bowls season and if that is possible, we will be ready to go.


Regarding the membership payments; We wish to thank the members who have already paid,. We are hoping that most of our remaining members will pay their normal membership fees, regardless of how long we have to stay at home for.

The reason for this is that our overhead costs are mainly fixed. Also, we wish to keep the green in a condition that it will be available, should that be allowed.I have made a financial forecast to the end of September and assuming that we do not have to refund a lot of the membership income, already received, we will lose a considerable amount in this financial year. We need you support. If we collect all of our membership income at the same level as last year, we could reduce that loss considerably.  So, we are appealing to all members to pay their subs. This can be done in 3 ways.


  1. Bacs direct to our bank, if you have on-line banking.  Contact Sandra for bank details

  2. Cheque, please post that to my home address. Contact Sandra for details.  I have an app where I can scan the cheque for it to be processed.

Either way, please let me know what you are paying for. You can just send me an email or include the details with your cheque.  My email address is or reply to this email

If you want the fixture card, please include a stamped addressed envelope, otherwise, I will hand out the cards when we are back at the club.


The fees are:

  • Full Membership £80

  • Junior Membership (up to 18 years) £10

  • Social/short mat membership £30

  • Social membership £15

  • Locker £2.50

  • Club Lottery £10

  • Club competitions all at £2 each

In addition to the membership, Bob Egan (club chairman)  is very keen to continue with the club lottery. We have 24 members who have paid, so far.  The rules state that we need 50 to run the lottery. Bob will be calling people to try to get additional players. The £10 can be paid in the same way as the membership. He is keen that non members can also play. It would be a way of raising some more much needed income. Please support that if you can.

We do not wish any member to have any financial hardship in paying their membership fees. If you cannot pay but would still like to remain a member, please contact myself or one of the committee members, so that we can keep your membership open as ‘dormant or furloughed’

The most important thing is that we beat this rotten virus and that we all come out at the other side, fit and well and free to live our lives as we would wish.


Please take care and look after yourselves.


Yours Sincerely


Sandra Boland

Hon Treasurer

Wolverton Park Bowls Club

Posted 25/3/2020


This is my third year as your Chairman. It is the first year for me to have a full committee (10 including 2 co-opted members). Not only do we have a full committee but we have a full committee that, since our AGM, has shown an appetite to work hard and get jobs done. In the August Newsletter last year, headed ‘Chairman’s Appeal’ I asked for members to come forward and help with a workload that was increasingly falling on a few individuals. You responded and responded in numbers. In addition to a full committee, we also have a social committee, who have been very active in organising bingo, quiz and horse racing nights and who had plenty of plans for the whole season. 

Unfortunately, along came Corona Virus. We had no choice but to shut down the Club. We did it early; earlier than most other clubs. It was an easy decision to make; the health and wellbeing of you, our members, was our only consideration. That position will not alter; when it is deemed safe to reopen our doors; to bowl, socialise and return to normal then we will be equally quick to do so. However, this looks like being a marathon not a sprint so please bear with us and keep yourselves occupied as best you can and please, please keep safe. 

As a Club we are going to suffer financially. We still have to pay rent and I cannot see our landlord helping out. We also have other bills that we have to meet and no doubt there will be the usual ‘unseen’ expenditures. However, it is not all doom and gloom and for those who attended our AGM will remember that we do have a surplus in the bank. Hopefully, we can ride this storm and when we do finally get back to normal I hope you will flood back to the Club, bring friends and neighbours to whatever functions we put on, because we will need to re-build that surplus; we will need to re-build the membership. As a committee we were so looking forward to a very good and fun year; we will just put that on hold. 

A number of you had already started identifying and recruiting new bowlers for 2020. We were already into double figures and were planning a Friday night ‘coaching session’ before our actual open day. Again I ask you to remain in touch with these people; keep them advised in respect of information we filter through and as soon as we get the green light (no pun intended) we can hit the ground running. Your green team has not closed down! Your green is and will continue to be looked after and WILL be ready for play; whenever that may be. 

Finally, I want to put out a message to those members who may find the next few weeks and months difficult to cope with. Most of you know how I feel about WPBC; it is like another family to me. As a family we should be looking after one another. Even if it’s just picking up the phone for a chat; if it helps then do it. Don’t be afraid to seek advice and help; collectively we may help find solutions. Look after yourselves, keep healthy and keep safe; don’t take unnecessary risks. 

Posted 17/3/2020

The committee of Wolverton Park Bowls Club have made the decision to close the club for  ALL activities as of midnight on the 16/03/2020 until 1st May 2020. The committee will review this decision weekly and will look at the situation at the end of April to see if further action needs to be taken.


We would like to wish all our members and friends in other clubs good health and look forward to when we can once again meet in safety. In the meantime keep yourselves safe.

© 2017 Wolverton Park Bowls Club

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