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In addition to the events listed below we also hold regular Open Evenings. Please see our Open Days Page for details.

Coming Club Events

To get the 2021 season kicked off we've set up the following events and activitities: 

Rollups: Senior (over 65's) roll ups: will be run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00 as we did before covid! These will start from Tuesday 20th April. We plan to have two rinks (max of 8 per rink) for the rollups and this will allow for three rinks to be available to other bowlers to play singles or pairs whilst still complying with the guidelines. No need to pre-book. Unfortunately, no tea and biscuits at  the moment but again we can sell snacks and drinks, if required. 

Friday Evening Club Nights: From 6:00 pm onwards on a Friday evening 'Club Night' These will start on 25th April. Suggestions for a 'FUN' bowling evening events welcome. We've had Fixed Jack and Carol's Scottish roll up.  Can anyone think of any more? Whatever, just come along and have a short bowl followed by a drink and a chat! No access to clubhouse for  the time being. 

Open Weekend: 15th and 16th May. As our planned Sunday fixture has been cancelled, we’ve  decided to change our Open Day to an Open Weekend when we hope we can invite  new players to the club on both Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th May. Snacks and drinks, however, will be sold as described above. Please come along and support if you can. 

Scratch Pairs Tournament - 9th May. To fill a gap left after a cancelled friendly match we plan to  hold a Scratch Pairs Tournament on Sunday 9th May. Everyone’s welcome. The idea is to make it a fun day  when we can all get to bowl but add a little friendly competition. We’ll pull teams out of the hat on the day,  offer a bottle of champagne for the winners, open the bar and provide refreshments. More details to follow  on this over the next few weeks. 

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